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We greatly appreciate the Suggestions we have received so far.
Thank you so much!

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Resolution and Notes


WCE Pet Registry

Submitted by Cheryl Norman.

Stating a Pet Registry on our Facebook Page
with pet name, owner name, photos, phone numbers, address, and whether or not the animal is microchipped.  We choose on Facebook
over the website because our Facebook Group page is not accessible to the public.


To use a link to a survey that we create in survey monkey, which is free and would allow residents to complete and submit survey electronically.

Submitted by Ron Smith


UPDATE:  5/26/15
We created this same survey in Survey Monkey
and published it on our Facebook page
To date it has only been used 3 times.  We have received many
more paper copies than the electronic version this time.

We will use the Survey Monkey as well as paper copy next time.

We are looking into this and the next survey
we send out we will try it if it's possible.


Publish a list of Names and Address of paid up memberships annually. I believe this would help membership.

Submitted by Dan Burns


We are in process of gathering information from residents
and preparing to get an annual West Creek Estates directory
published where we would note if the address is HOA Membership.
The process may take up to a year and we
have to have permission from all residents.

We would like to find either a Realtor or a
company to sponsor the publication costs of the booklet.























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