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Carlton Entrance


Carlton Entrance

Your Dues Drive Funds hard at work
keeping our subdivision looking good!
Please be sure to submit your Dues if you haven't already done so.

Carlton Entrance - West Side - Photo submitted by Debbie Heydon 4/15/15


Carlton Entrance - East Side - Photo submitted by Debbie Heydon 4/15/15


Our newly landscaped Carlton Entrance with Night Lighting!



                                                                       Before                              After                                   After

Lights Are On At Carlton!


It has been one of our main objectives to have lights on at the Carlton entrance. To go along with the new landscaping there, we now have new lighting, which adds a touch of class to our entrance.  Having lights on at our entrances is good for a number of reasons:
  • It's nice when you come home after dark and lights are on at the entrance to guide you.
  • It's nicer when visitors notice and comment on how good it looks.
  • And it's even nicer still to know that it was 100% paid for by money raised from fundraisers and not your Neighborhood Association Dues.

The project called for the wiring to be updated and the light fixtures to be replaced. We diligently searched for the right company to do the work, and we were able to put in a total of six lights (three on each side of the street). It looks amazing, and has made a huge difference. We hope you enjoy it every time you drive in or out of West Creek Estates at night. But, we need your help to keep it beautiful. Please help us keep an eye on it. If you see that a light is burned out, please report it to one of your Board Members, or to your Crime Watch Block Captain. If you see suspicious behavior, or someone that should not be there, please report it! And, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making it all happen. Whether you donated items (or money) for the garage sales, or you worked in the cul-de-sac setting up, selling, or cleaning up afterwards, we thank you and appreciate you. We absolutely could not have done it without you. Together we made it happen, and together we continue to help make West Creek Estates the best neighborhood in Plano! 


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