West Creek Estates

                     Plano, Texas  75025


Important Numbers

Description Phone Number Notes
PLANO POLICE NON-EMERGENCY Number 972-424-5678 If you have a critical or life threatening emergency CALL 911 immediately!
Plano Fire Department NON-EMERGENCY Number 972-941-7159  CALL 911 if you have an EMERGENCY!
Plano Police Department - Crime Prevention Unit
Officer Christopher Bianez
972-941-2437 Free Plano Home Security Assessment:
City of Plano Contact Info and important numbers n/a Click here for the link to this page.
City Facilities List n/a Click here for the link to this page.
Bobcat or Coyote sightings 972-234-9453 Please report sightings to the DFW Wildlife Coalition.  Thank you.
Plano Animal Services 972-769-4360 Call if a wild animal appears trapped, injured or sick, or if you see a stray pet. Thank you!
Time Warner Cable 972-742-5892 Cable Company
City of Plano - Utilities Page (Gas, Electric, Cable, Telephone) n/a Click here for the link to this page.
After Hours Water Emergencies 972-727-1623 After Hours Water Emergencies
City of Plano Water (Utilities) 972-941-7105 Water and Sewer - Customer/Utility Services (Main Office)
Environmental Waste Services 972-769-4150 Trash pickup, recycling, yard and lawn clippings, bulk trash pick up
Municipal Court 972-941-2199 Municipal Court
Parks and Recreation 972-941-7250 Main Number
Plano Property Standards 972-941-7124 Property Standards


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