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Our Clean-Up Crew is being changed to meet quarterly.

Andy Brown has agreed to lead this effort and as soon as we have a schedule, it will be posted.


 If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Andy Brown (email and phone)



11/21/09 - Team Report:

Good morning everyone,

It was a cool morning for Deneen, Anne, Mike and me. We cleaned up Legacy, Springfield & Greenfield and found some treasures along the way including a foot long dead snake. Mike also returned a very long displaced worm back to the park (b/c I wasn't going to touch the corpse even with gloves on) and Deneen made a grooming contact. :) It looks like we won't be meeting in December, so we'll see everyone after the holidays.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.
Kanna & Mike Madero


10/17/09 - Team Report:

Hey folks,

Thanks for showing up this morning and helping on our "Clean-up Crew".
A good walk on a nice cool morning and not as much litter this time.
We want to welcome our newest member, Deneen Vandergriff to our group!  She is an enthusiastic
and active neighbor interested in helping our community.
Once again, a great job by all!
David K.  :)


9/19/09 - Team Report:

Hey folks, Thanks for your assistance this morning on the Clean-up Crew!

The neighborhood is twice as nice now that all litter has been removed.

Thanks to y'all, West Creek Estates is a better place to live, plus.... your neighborhood pride shows!

And....it was a wonderful walk in the cool of the morning, lots of good exercise!

Thanks again, David Knape :)...


8/15/09 - Team Report:

Saturday morning, August 15th, the birds were singing and crows calling and....
the West Creek Estates Clean-Up Crew was out in force for another litter patrol. 
Members Anne Brown, Kanna and Mike Madero, Andy Brown, Gene Nu and
David Knape started at 7 a.m. picking up litter on Legacy from Springfield to Amethyst.
Then they continued along Springfield, cleaning both sides of the street and the park.
From there they walked back through the neighborhood picking up more litter and newspapers
in the neighborhood streets.  In about an hour and a half, West Creek Estates was shining
and litter free!  Thanks to all who participated! 


Not many HOA's have their own Clean-up Crew.  We can be proud that West Creek Estates
has folks who take pride in their community and are willing to volunteer to make it better!
The Clean-up Crew meets once a month, on Saturday for 1-2 hours.  If you would like to join
contact David Knape @ 214-601-7503 or dknape1969@yahoo.com.

7/26/09 - Anne Brown joined the team.


7/18/09 - Team Report:

This morning we had our first team "Clean Up Crew" which was led by David Knape, joined by Gene Nu, Andy Brown, CC, Kanna Madero, and Mike Madero - who all worked tirelessly around the neighborhood and on Legacy.  These dedicated residents started at 7:00 am and picked up trash and debris to help beautify our subdivision.

A BIG thank you goes out to everyone who helped!










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