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Meeting Minutes


General West Creek Estates HOA Meeting

July 28, 2011

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General West Creek Estates HOA Meeting

January 27, 2011

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General West Creek Estates HOA Meeting

July 2010

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General West Creek Estates HOA Meeting

January 2010

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General West Creek Estates HOA Meeting

Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2009


Venue: Davis Library

Presiding Board Members: David Iwanski, Vice President

Minutes taken by: Kanna Madero


In attendance: Andy Brown, Kanna Madero, Mike Madero, David Iwanski, Stephani Kranz, Lee Grosshans, Ann Grosshans, CC, Ed Casper, Roxanne Fuentes, Russell Fuentes, Cathy Blanton, David Knape, Carol Andreatta, Albert Andreatta, Les Ackerman, Chris Kelly, Sarah Richards, Gene Nu


Objective: Hold annual general HOA meeting with committees meeting each quarter.


Overview of meeting: Announce open board positions (all), review new standing board rules, open floor to nominations for board positions and voting, update from committees, and review Treasurer’s report, followed by a Question & Answer session.


Opening: David Iwanski began the meeting with a photo presentation of recent events (e.g., Spring Fling, Burger Throwdown) and announced that more activities such as picnics (perhaps once a month) are in store. Mr. Iwanski also shared that the Landscape and Maintenance Committee will be on the look out for stellar front yards which will receive the Star Yard Award (some candidates appeared in the events presentation). Mr. Iwanski then introduced the current board members in attendance: Mrs. Richards and CC, respectively, the Treasurer and Secretary. Mr. Iwanski proceeded with the general meeting presentation beginning with the agenda for the meeting followed by a few moments to thank Jennifer Fisher (outgoing President) and Mrs. Richards for their years of service and dedication to the West Creek Estates HOA. Mrs. Richards was presented with a gift bag of baked goodies as a small token of the neighborhood’s gratitude.


I.                   Open Board Positions

A.     At this meeting, all board positions are open: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Parliamentarian.

B.     Board Requirements

1.      Must be resident for a minimum of one year.

2.      Must have paid HOA dues.

3.      For Treasurer, must be willing to submit for a background check.


C.     New position Parliamentarian: advises presiding officer and other officers on matters of parliamentary procedure, assists with procedure during board meetings, presides over general elections, assists by keeping track of the order of those wishing to speak, motions, amendments, and voting, during meetings.

1.      Parliamentary Procedures

a.       The body of rules, ethics, and customs governing meetings and other operations of organizations.

b.      Self governing organizations follow parliamentary procedure to debate and reach group decisions, usually by vote.

2.      Elect Parliamentarian

a.       Nominations: one for Russell Fuentes

b.      The matter was put to a vote and Mr. Fuentes won by a majority vote.

II.                Standing Board Rules

A.     Mr. Iwanski gave an overview of the Board Position terms, Chair positions, dues, and committees among other pertinent HOA topics. For the complete Standing Board Rules, please see the website. http://www.westcreekestates.org/standing_board_rules.htm

B.     Mr. Iwanski, CC, and Mrs. Cathy Blanton invited those present to join one of many social clubs to be formed (e.g., Poetry, dinner, Bunco, happy hour, shooting).

III.             Nominations and Voting for Board Positions

A.     Office of President

1.      Nomination: One for Mr. Iwanski

2.      Mr. Iwanski won by a majority vote.

3.      Mr. Iwanski made a short comment concerning the three consecutive crime attacks on the neighborhood six weeks ago. There have been no other reports and the neighborhood is quiet.

B.     Vice President

1.      Nomination: One for Mrs. Blanton

2.      Mrs. Blanton won by a majority vote.

C.     Treasurer

1.      Nomination: One for CC

2.      CC won by a majority vote.

D.     Secretary

1.      Nomination: One for Mrs. Kanna Madero

2.      Mrs. Kanna Madero won by a majority vote.

E.      Parliamentarian (see previous item under I. C.)

IV.              Committee Updates

A.     Crime Watch (Roxanne Fuentes)

1.      Mrs. Fuentes thanked the block captains for their hard work this past year.

2.      Two prime objectives of Crime Watch

a.       “Get to Know Your Neighbor” for the community’s and your protection, and may be achieved by attending social activities within the HOA.

b.      Report Suspicious Activity-The police will respond within five minutes of the call. Mrs. Fuentes related her experience of debating whether to call 911 when she saw a suspicious vehicle with two unknown passengers. Finally, she decided that the best course of action was to call 911. She also reminded the residents not to hesitate in calling 911 or the police as this was recommended by their police liaison.

3.      Other Crime Watch programs/activities

a.       Light the Neighborhood-Chris Kelly and Dave Iwanski will help any willing resident with their alley or porch lights to further illuminate the community.

b.      Keep Garage Doors Closed-Remove the rope from the door opener and add a peep hole in the door that leads to the garage.

c.       National Night Out is coming up on October 13th.

B.     Welcoming (Kanna Madero)

1.      Mrs. Madero thanked the residents for warmly welcoming the new arrivals as the new residents have appreciated the friendliness of the neighborhood.

2.      A reporting of the new residents/renters, weddings, and a baby boy birth were given (e.g., Ms. Knight on Greenleaf, the Kalchthalers & Barones on Burlington and Amethyst, and little Simon Moon on Sanders).

3.      Mrs. Madero asked the residents to refer any new residents or other life events by email or phone.

C.     Maintenance & Beautification (Andy Brown)

1.      Mr. Brown & Mrs. Karen Hosein planted new drought resistant foliage by the Springfield entrance. Unfortunately, there are no sprinklers at this entrance, so the plants are being manually watered. Mr. Brown asked Mrs. Richards why no sprinklers were added to this entrance when the community was developed.

2.      Neighborhood cleanup (David Knape)-Mr. Knape has been cleaning the neighborhood for several years and is now gathering volunteers for a once a month cleanup alongside Legacy Drive. The first clean-up will be this Saturday, July 18 at 7:00a.m. Mrs. Blanton introduced a coin/money incentive for the neighborhood children to pick-up unwanted newspapers. The child would be rewarded for every collected newspaper with a nickel, dime, or quarter.

D.     Communication (Stephani Kranz)

1.      Mrs. Kranz informed the residents that she would try to go back to a quarterly newsletter schedule with the next issue coming out in September.

2.      If any resident wanted to add something to the newsletter, please contact Mrs. Kranz.

E.      Social (CC)

1.      The next big event will be the September Block Party. CC mentioned her desire to plan a big event every other month such as the Cookies in the Culdesac where more residents could socialize and join the HOA.

2.      CC updated our membership total from seventy-eight members to ninety-six! With an increase in dues, the HOA can host more events.

3.      Mrs. Richards shared that the dues were once only twenty-five dollars; owever, there more HOA members.

4.      CC related that with permanent signs (currently on order) there would be increased event attendance.

5.      Mr. Knape asked about the possibility of a release of personal information for an HOA Membership Directory (online) on the dues form. Mr. Michael Madero disagreed with putting the directory online due to resident privacy concerns; however, residents could opt-in for a printed directory that would be available to residents to purchase for a nominal fee to cover the cost of producing the directory. Mrs. Carol Andreatta referenced the Get to Know Your Neighbor form as a great start to a resident’s own directory.

6.      Mr. Iwanski included a plug for the HOA website for additional information (i.e., Host or participate in a club-walking, Bunco, shooting, etc., Crime Watch, Event Photos, the HOA Board, and newsletter).

V.                 Treasurer’s Report


Budget Item Description


Balance on 06/05/09                               


Recent Dues deposits                                          


Garage sale proceeds    


Balance prior to expenses                                




Balance as of 07/10/09                                       


Projected Expenses


Reserve Fund


Estimated Balance Remaining                          









For a detailed budget report, please see CC. CCnoted other methods of fundraising such as vendor cards for discounts at stores and restaurants.


VI.              Closing and Open Forum for Comments from the Floor

A.     Closing-Mr. Iwanski thanked those attending and opened the meeting to comments from the floor.

B.     Comments from the Floor

1.      Mr. Knape reminded everyone to meet on Saturday, July 18 at 7:00am at the Springfield entrance for the clean-up.

2.      Mr. Gene Nu asked what the time frame for the neighborhood attacks was. Mr. Iwanski answered that most incidents occur between 11:00pm and 2:00am. and that the crimes were committed by a group on foot and by car. Mrs. Richards shared that a car had been stolen from the neighborhood during the day. Mr. Nu asked if Mr. Iwanski could put lights on his truck so residents would know that he was patrolling the street and not a suspicious vehicle.

3.      Mr. Iwanski reiterated to the residents the importance of not leaving valuables in the car, lighting up porches and alleys so the criminals would cast a shadow, and recommended having the garage opener on a keychain rather than on the visor to the car.

4.      Mrs. Fuentes asked everyone to practice the Plano Police Department’s program “Lock, Take, and Hide.” When in doubt, just take everything inside and don’t leave anything in the car.

5.      Mr. Knape suggested a focused membership drive to non-HOA residents. Mr. Iwanski and Mrs. Richards responded that this had been done over the years and more recently through the HOA Board and Crime Watch Block Captains.

6.      Mrs. Kranz recommended telling your neighbors about the HOA activity that you were attending to spread the word by mouth and gain fellowship.

7.      Mr. Madero stated the importance of clarifying that all residents are welcome to attend HOA events regardless of membership.

8.      Mrs. Blanton mentioned that the Crime Watch Bulletins are sent to all residents who wish to receive them and are not reliant on HOA membership.

9.      CCcommented that the Board Rules gives the HOA structure and explains the process.



West Creek Estates HOA Board Meeting


Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2009


Presiding Board Member: Jennifer Fisher, President

Minutes taken by: Kanna Madero

In attendance: Jennifer Fisher, Kanna Madero, CC, David Iwanski, Karen Hosein, Stephani Kranz, Andy Brown, Cathy Blanton, Michelle Sims

Objective: Hold quarterly HOA board meetings.

Overview of meeting: discuss committees, form action items and/or plans

Database (Cathy Blanton): The remaining information needs to be collected for a move to be completely paperless. A suggestion was offered to knock on doors and push for a collection of dues and resident information with resident recruits to help canvass. The resident recruits would canvass with a block captain. While the teams are out knocking, they’ll clarify that the information collected for the database will only be used for Crime Watch and HOA business.

Newsletter (Stephani Kranz): Stephani Kranz asked for information to fill in the newsletter, how often a newsletter would be generated, and when the first newsletter would go out. It was agreed that there would be a quarterly newsletter beginning with the first issue this summer. The newsletter would contain the following information: crime watch, membership, dues (e.g. where the funds go, other possibilities for fund usage), services provided by or seeking in the community (e.g., baby sitter, painter, teens offering lawn mowing services). The idea of a message board on the community website was raised along with the necessary administrator. The message board was tabled for a later date.

The first newsletter (Summer ’09 edition) will feature safety tips, dues, community activities wish list, and an explanation of what a voluntary HOA is. A mass HOA email will be sent out asking residents what they would like their community to do. The top ten activities will then be put into the newsletter. Under the crime watch section, the residents will be reminded that their contact person to share neighborhood crimes is their block captain.

Social (Michelle Sims): A brief review of the most recent event, Spring Fling, was given. Twenty-five to thirty kids attended and had a blast, yet more signs are needed to increase neighborhood participation. David Iwanski mentioned a hot air balloonist who had previously offered his services for a community event. There was a call for more child-friendly or kid geared activities. Michelle Sims mentioned the Fall Block party has more attendees due to the increased focus it receives. She called for two main annual events and the board decided on the Spring Fling and the Fall Block party.

Ms. Sims mentioned that the board could compile a wish list of small neighborhood activities with the possibility for them to grow into bigger community-wide events. She would also brainstorm more ideas for a future meeting.

Website (Cathy Blanton): Cathy Blanton shared that a new page “Lost and Found” page was added to the community site. The idea of a “Classifieds” page was raised to advertise items for sale or services provided by the residents.

Clean-up (Andy Brown and Karen Hosein): There was a general call for the free Plano Insider paper and neighborhood trash to be picked up. Cathy Blanton suggested making the neighborhood clean-up a kid’s activity with each child receiving a dime or nickel for every unwanted paper collected. David Iwanski called for trees close to street lights be trimmed back for additional lighting of the neighborhood. He also mentioned making sure that the street lights are actually shining down.

Landscape(Andy Brown and Karen Hosein): Mr. Brown and Ms. Hosein raised the idea of converting the Springfield & Legacy entrance from its existing bushes to a drought resistant one (Connie Breslin name was raised as a possible volunteer). The landscape chairs decided on cutting the bushes and pulling out the roots within the first week after the meeting. Future landscape events would be advertised on the site with a call for volunteers.

Both committee chairs offered up a monthly West Creek Estates Star Yard award to be given to the three best looking yards to encourage better maintenance of lawns. A picture of the lawns would be taken and posted on the site. There would also be a poll for residents to share a good lawn recommendation. These nominations will be posted on the site. All Star Yard recommendations should be forwarded to Ms. Hosein & Mr. Brown.

Welcome (Kanna Madero): Jennifer Fisher will send an email with recent house sales to Ms. Madero. Ms. Madero shared with Welcome Packet contents with the board (a folder containing the welcome letter, get to know your neighbor fill-in sheet, and the new residents’ block captain business letter and some goodies). The board decided to have several board members (possibly that residents’ block captain) visit a new resident with the packet.

The idea of a care or welcome page on the site was raised along with the Welcome committee expanding to include compassion moments (death or birth of a resident). With this suggestion, Ms. Madero asked about a possible welcome committee budget for business cards, baked goodies, gifts, and flowers.

Membership (CC): CCinformed the board that $3,000 had been raised thus far with 56 memberships. She asked whether membership forms should go out once a month. A goal to collect all dues payments by the first quarter was stated with a definite plan for this to be accomplished in the future.

A door to door membership drive was planned for the coming Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm for the purposed of completing the database, advertising the upcoming Cookies in the Culdesac event, and to collect HOA membership dues.

Miscellaneous points of discussion:  The frequency of the HOA and Crime Watch meetings was raised (two annually). Greater advertising of the HOA, the meetings, and activities was brought forth and placing signs along the main entrances was agreed upon. Jennifer Fisher mentioned that Sarah Richards had a contact with a metal sign company.  The board agreed that reusable metal signs would be a good visible item for future events and meetings and to display current membership totals.

*Ms. Hosein mentioned that she had a spare West Creek Estates sign in her garage.*

Action item for all committees: All committees would put in their budgets by June 1st.




General West Creek Estates HOA Meeting

“United We Stand”


Meeting Minutes

February, 16, 2009


Presiding Board Members: Jennifer Fisher, President

Sarah Richards, Treasurer

Minutes taken by: Kanna Madero


In attendance: Jennifer Fisher, Sarah Richards, Kanna Madero, Mike Madero, CC, David Iwanski, Karen Hosein, Russell Fuentes, Roxanne Fuentes, Lester Ackerman, Linda Ackerman, Andy Brown


Objective: Hold annual general HOA meeting with committees meeting each quarter.


Explanation of HOA: Voluntary organization where residents may participate with or without paying dues. Said dues fund maintenance. Frequent HOA misconceptions were discussed (e.g., membership dues resulting in lawn services, those who wanted more social activities vs. those who desired less or no social activities).


Purpose of HOA: To maintain West Creek Estates, Raise dues and membership. Currently, only 30% of residents are members.


Overview of meeting: Fill committees (chairs & members) and vacant board positions (Vice President & Secretary) followed by a Question & Answer session.


Filling Board Positions (Vice President & Secretary):  The time needed for each position (3-4 hours a quarter, 15 hours yearly-approximately) was raised. Until the group is large enough to support elections, the HOA will appoint volunteers to current openings only. The need to have a full functioning board is more important at this time.


Comments from the floor:

*David Iwanski brought up nominating and electing individuals, and signing up volunteers.


David Iwanski and Russell Fuentes both volunteered for the Vice President position. Mr. Iwanski was appointed to Vice President since Mr. Fuentes serves at the Crime Watch coordinator/chair.


CCwas appointed Secretary.


Filling Committees: Due to an increase in demand for HOA activities, various committees (e.g., social, landscape, welcome, etc.) would be formed. It was also commented that we needed to unite in our efforts (within the HOA and with other area HOAs).


            Comments from the floor:

*Stephani Kranz: HOA needs greater visibility to encourage participation and gain momentum.

*CC: mentioned asking for volunteers at the block party and sustaining the momentum through monthly, informal get-togethers at different residents’ homes. She brought up that raising membership was a key priority.


            Welcome Committee Chair filled: Kanna Madero

            Newsletter: Stephani Kranz

            Neighborhood Cleanup: Andy Brown, Karen Hosein,

            Social: Michelle Sims

            Landscape maintenance: Andy Brown, Karen Hosein


HOA operational costs: approximately $500 a month (includes lawn services & utilities); bids were sought for these services.


            Comments from the floor:

Lester Ackerman shared that dues were initially $100 and the amount was spent on holiday parties and décor and saved for the neighborhood wall. However, the holiday parties and activities faded away when some residents did not want to celebrate said holidays. With neighborhood canvassing, the early HOA had 98% membership of the 100 residents.


            Deadline to organize and collect dues: March/April 2009


The floor was passed to Roxanne Fuentes, Crime Watch Coordinator.

            Crime Watch purpose (2-fold):

1.)    Get to know your neighbors (through canvassing, database, & website)

2.)    Report suspicious activity


Website: HOA tags will be added with membership information, committees, & board members. Currently it displays block captains, flyers, meeting minutes.


Meeting Goals: One educational and one family-friendly (perhaps with bikes, sirens, etc.)


The floor was passed to CC, Membership Chair.

*Holding a monthly activity to encourage membership activity (new and continued). *Enacting a dues drive period (e.g., January-March)

*Preparing and distributing Welcome packets with membership forms and HOA information.

*Change membership form to include interest or skill set.


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