West Creek Estates

                     Plano, Texas  75025


Our New Logo


Part of becoming an active and cohesive Home Owners Association is to create a unique identity for our-selves that says:
  •  "West Creek Estates is a community that is involved and that cares about where we live."

To support that statement, we worked with a graphic artist and have created this logo that you see to the right.

As your HOA Board, we are very proud of this logo and hope you are too!

We will utilize this logo on our website, paper newsletters, e-newsletters, banners, signage, t-shirts, polo shirts and/or any other media or product that identifies us as West Creek Estates.

We are evolving into an amazing community that now has a modern, sophisticated appearance for us to be proud of as well!

Last   Update 09/11/16

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West Creek Estates, Plano, Texas  75025  USA