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Springfield Entrance


Springfield Entrance

Dues money hard at work
keeping our subdivision looking good!
Please be sure to submit your dues if you haven't already done so.

Springfield Entrance - Photo submitted by Debbie Heydon 4/15/15


West Creek Estates Paver Order Form

Dear West Creek Estates Resident,

We would first like to thank each of you that have already purchased a paver for our fundraising project!  The response we've received from our door-to-door visits has been extremely positive. We appreciate your generous support so far!  Our goal is to sell enough engraved pavers to completely pay for the landscaping and beautification of our Springfield Entrance. 
Our door-to-door visits will continue so that we may show you a landscape drawing of the project and share more details about the project.  However, if you already know you'd like to help out with a paver purchase, you can print this order form and send the form and a check to the address listed below.  Your personalized pavers "will leave a legacy on Legacy" for all to see and enjoy for years to come. 
You may choose to have your paver listed with a family name, in memory of a loved one, supporting a college or school or even a family pet name.  It's your choice so just fill in the boxes below.  Thank you for your support and please stay tuned for updates on our progress!
Your West Creek Estates HOA Board
 Paver Order Form

You may have up to 3 lines and up to 18 characters per line (including spaces).  Please fill in the desired text below and write clearly so we can avoid mistakes.

Make check payable to:  West Creek Estates HOA  
$150 each paver or buy 2 get one free ($300 for 3)
 Send check and completed order form to: 

West Creek Estates HOA Treasurer
7008 Carlton Lane
Plano, TX   75025



Now that we have completed the Carlton entrance, with the new landscaping and lights, we turn our attention to the Springfield entrance. We are excited about this project because it gives us the opportunity to make a huge impact to our neighborhood. The Springfield entrance is the most noticeable entrance into West Creek Estates. Making it beautiful will add the "WOW" factor that we have been striving for.

To keep with the same philosophy that we have developed for all of the projects that we have done, our goal is to raise money through fundraising so that we do not deplete the funds that we collect for HOA dues.
We want this entrance to be special, so we have come up with a great fundraiser that will allow everyone to feel like they are a part of it, literally. Most importantly, for those that choose to participate, it allows the residents to have a legacy.
We will be selling Pavers that can be engraved, and will be used to pave a walkway in front of the landscaping, at the entrance. The residents will have an opportunity to have their family name permanently placed at the entrance for all to see and enjoy for years to come. You can also have one engraved in memory of a loved one. Some examples are as follows:


In order to put in new landscaping at that entrance, we first need to get water and power to that location. Once the city puts in a water meter, and we get power installed, we can move forward with sprinklers, lighting, and the landscaping. We will soon have a picture of what the entrance will look like once it is completed. It is going to be fantastic. Stay tuned.

We have raised money a number of ways - from three garage (cul-de-sac) sales, and most recently from a poker tournament. These have all been very successful. We have also received a large monetary donation from an anonymous resident which we appreciate very much.  This time we will be coming to you, to ask you to support your neighborhood by making Springfield not only the best looking entrance in West Creek Estates, but in all of Plano. We know that donating money is never easy, but this time you will get something in return. Not only will we all get to enjoy this entrance, but we will be able to leave a little legacy by having an engraved paver that will be a part of the entrance as well.

West Creek Estates has the best residents - now we have the opportunity to look the best as well. Together we can make it happen. But we need your help. Please plan on buying a paver or two. It will not only help to fund this big project, but it will also serve to make your neighborhood the best of all. Buy one with your family name on it - buy one in the memory of a loved one - buy one supporting your child and the school that they attend - buy one for the family pet. But most importantly, buy one in support of the beautification of West Creek Estates.

Thank you and best regards,

WCE Executive Board

Last   Update 09/11/16

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