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Walking Club

West Creek Walkers

"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day"

-Henry Thoreau



Would you be interested in a brisk morning walks?

Would you like to get fit and stay fit?

We are thinking about starting a walking club in West Creek Estates!

We want to hear from you - so please let us know!



Here are some interesting walks we could take as a group...



Bird Watching / Nature Tours


The 8 acres that make up the Galatyn Park Woodland Preserve lie adjacent to and just north of the Galatyn Park Urban Center between Lookout and Glenville Drives on a strip of land east of the DART light-rail line, providing and protecting a leafy oasis in the middle of a very urban area. The park includes a play area for children with climb-friendly versions of critters one might see in the park, such as beavers, snakes, rabbits and turtles. You’ll also find a wooden boardwalk over a marshy area, perfect for observing birds and wildlife, picnic tables, a chess/checkers table, a horseshoe pit and wetland ponds. In the spring, Poppies, Indian Paintbrush and other wildflowers grow along the shady trail that meanders through the preserve, where mature oak, elm and ash trees help block out the sounds of traffic. The park’s hike-and-bike trail connects to the DART light-rail system and the Spring Creek Nature Area that are part of the city’s 22-mile trail system.


Spring Creek Nature Area is located south of Renner Road and extends from Central Expressway to Foxboro Park at Plano Road and Braeburn Drive. It offers approximately 2 miles of hike-and-bike trails in 51 acres of hardwood forest, natural overlooks, a pedestrian bridge over winding Spring Creek and lots of interesting little places you can go off the trail and explore. Picnic tables, scenic rest stops and even a horseshoe pit are scattered along the trail which links with Galatyn Woodland Preserve. Restroom facilities and parking are located at SE corner of Central Expressway and Renner.



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