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WCE Neighborhood Association Board Rules (Updated 10/7/18)


WCENA Standing Board Rules as of October 6, 2018


Article 1. West Creek Estates Neighborhood Association (WCENA) Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to promote the common good and welfare of the residents in West Creek Estates. This will be achieved by coordinating efforts to improve and maintain the safety of its residents, the appearance of our neighborhood as well as to provide the opportunity for residents to meet and socialize on a voluntary basis.

Article 2. Character

The WCENA has no real property and is a totally voluntary, unincorporated, nonprofit association of neighbors.

Article 3. Location of West Creek Estates

West Creek Estates is located in Plano, Texas, and encompasses the subdivision homes within the area bounded by Greenfield, Legacy Drive, Springfield and Amethyst Lane.

Article 4. Members.

Section 1. Membership in the Association is open to anyone whose primary residence is in West Creek Estates. 

Section 2. Eligibility for membership shall not be limited by race, color, national heritage, sex, or religious preference. 

Section 3. Residents who have paid their annual dues by the annual WCENA meeting are entitled to one (1) vote for each household and are eligible to serve as elected officers or chairs of the permanent committees.

Article 5. Principal Office. 

The principal office of the WCENA shall be located in the home of any of the Executive Board members during their term of office. This designation is for convenience only and has no legal effect upon the real property of any WCENA Executive Board member.

Article 6. Funds. 

The funds of the WCENA shall be derived from annual dues paid by members and monies received from such functions as the WCENA establishes to obtain funds. The disbursement of these funds shall be done pursuant to an annual budget.

Article 7. Annual Dues.

Section 1. Annual dues shall be set as part of the yearly budget presented at the annual meeting during the 4th quarter of each calendar year. The fiscal year will be January 1 through December 31. 

Section 2. There shall be no refund of dues to members leaving the WCENA.

Article 8. Records. 

The WCENA shall keep correct and complete records of account for at least three years after the end of each fiscal year and shall make them available to the members of the WCENA for inspection and copying upon request.

Article 9. Executive Board.

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers and the Chairs of the Permanent Committees, who shall be elected by a vote of the members at the July annual meeting. 

Section 2. Executive Board members shall, at all times, act in the best interest of the WCENA, and shall represent the majority interest and desires of the membership. If a Board member is called to vote on a matter and a conflict of interests exists, the member shall excuse himself or herself from voting on that matter. 

Section 3. Executive Board members shall serve a term of two (2) years or until a successor is duly elected or appointed. Any Board Member may be elected to serve no more than three (3) consecutive terms in an office or hold more than one office at the same time. 

Section 4. If an Executive Board position is vacated, the Executive Board shall appoint a replacement. 

Section 5. An Executive Board member may be removed from office by a majority of the votes cast at a general meeting of the members.

Article 10. Officers.

Section 1. The WCENA shall have the following officers: a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. 

Section 2. The President (or Vice President if the President is absent) shall call and preside at all meetings of the members and shall have the authority to represent the WCENA in its relations with other persons and organizations. 

Section 3. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President whenever that officer is absent or otherwise unable to perform the duties of the office. The Vice President shall monitor meetings of governmental agencies and alert the Executive Board about issues affecting the zoning, schools, safety, or beauty of the area. The Vice President may be assigned specific duties of an interim nature by the President. 

Section 4. The Secretary shall maintain a roster of the WCENA members, record minutes of all meetings, and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President. 

Section 5. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and other monies, have custody of the WCENA funds, pay all bills in a timely manner, keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, and prepare a written financial report for Executive Board meetings and meetings of the members. Documented requests for expenses shall be submitted to the Treasurer who may approve or disapprove. The Treasurer may also lead any membership drive activities to increase membership.

Article 11: Permanent Committees.

Section 1. The following permanent committees shall be established:

1. Maintenance Committee. The primary objective of this committee shall be to maintain the watering and electrical equipment used in the subdivision entryways. The Chair of this committee is empowered to solicit bids for work, exercising prudent and reasonable judgment in selection of vendors. No vendor shall be selected without proof of insurance. Volunteers shall rely upon their own personal insurance as the WCENA waives all responsibility for personal injury incurred during such activity. 

2. Beautification Committee. The primary objective of this committee shall be to enhance the appearance of the subdivision entryways. It may address the appearance of the areas adjacent to the neighborhood along Hoblitzelle Park, as needed. The Chair of this committee is empowered to solicit bids for work, exercising prudent and reasonable judgment in selection of vendors. No vendor shall be selected without proof of insurance. Volunteers shall rely upon their own personal insurance as the WCENA waives all responsibility for personal injury incurred during such activity. 

3. Crime Watch Committee. This committee shall follow the guidelines of Crime Watch in Plano, Texas, including implementation of a know-your-neighbor policy. 

4. Welcoming Chair/Committee. This committee shall visit each new resident in West Creek Estates and invite them to join the WCENA. It shall also maintain a membership directory, to be updated by the Secretary each year. This chair/committee can work with Treasurer for the purpose of boosting WCENA membership. 

5. Social Chair/Committee. 

Section 1. This committee shall arrange for at least one social event a year for the WCENA including at least one Block Party but may also include Spring Fling, Garage Sale and holiday celebrations. 

Section 2. The Chair of each committee shall report the committee's activities at Executive Board meetings and meetings of the members. Written reports are not mandatory but may be submitted to the Secretary.

Article 12: Special Committees. 

The Executive Board may appoint a special committee to address short-term or unusual situations. The President may select a Chair for the special committee.

Article 13: Meetings.

Section 1. There shall be an annual meeting held during the 4th quarter of each calendar year to present the annual budget and elect officers and permanent committee chairs. 

Section 2. Time and place of meeting shall be determined by the President. The meeting time, place and agenda shall be published in an WCENA newsletter or similar publication and delivered to all members at least one (1) week in advance. Signs may be posted at entryways one (1) week prior to meetings. 

Section 3. Special meetings of the members may be called by the President upon proper notification as to time and place. Such notification shall contain the reasons for the special meeting and normally will be scheduled no earlier than one (1) week after notification. However, emergency meetings may be called with notification of only twenty-four (24) hours. 

Section 4. The Executive Board shall meet quarterly. 

Section 5. Each WCENA member household is entitled to one (1) vote.

Article 14: Amendments. 

Amendments to these standing board rules may be proposed by any member. A proposed amendment must be presented in a written petition clearly stating the purpose and anticipated result of the requested change. After approval by the Executive Board, the proposed amendment will be published in the agenda for the next scheduled meeting of the members. Adoption of the proposed amendment requires a majority vote (at least 3/5) of the votes cast.

Article 15: Dissolution. 

The WCENA may be dissolved by majority vote (at least 3/5) of votes cast during a general meeting of the members. Upon acceptance of dissolution, the Treasurer will provide an accounting of the WCENA, and any surplus funds will be contributed to the Plano Public Library System.